why do people make shit arguments against queer representation by saying things like “the percentage of lgbt people in the population isn’t that high” well neither is the percentage of vampires but we see plenty of them in our media dont we


Endless Dream (Ep. 180 Version) - In Memoriam of GX (WIP)

For tonight’s update on this little guy, I figured I’d give you guys a little video preview! After trying to figure out why Vegas blacked out a few of the clips and then it was as easy as disabling resampling gahhh

Basically, I’m up to the bridge now, so I’ve thrown in the clips I wanted to throw in since yesterday’s update (note: positions/choices are still subject to change if I get nitpicky lol), ending the verses with Judai snapping as Manjoume and co bite the dust.  The plan now is to showcase Judai as the Supreme King, with surrounding clips showing stuff that went on in the tail end of Season 3, from Dark World to Judai VS Yubel!Johan, up to “together they fight!”, and then from “tobira no mukou ni”, we’ll have S4!Judai and stuff from Season 4 around him, before fading in the finale to Judai VS Yubel behind those clips to lead into the chorus.

Enjoy the preview! I’ve got things beyond the chorus planned out already, but I’ll save those for my next update. :P

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Sharing a binding

This is a clever book from the 18th century, printed in Oxford in 1756. It presents both the Old and New Testament, although the books are not bound together the regular way, behind one another. Instead, the binder opted to place them next to each other. This very rare binding technique is part of a family that includes the dos-à-dos (or “back to back”) binding, which I blogged about before (here). Having the two testaments bound this way allowed the reader to consult passages from both books at the same time. Indeed, the empty pages in the front and back are filled with notes, including in Greek and Hebrew. It appears this clever binding had a reader to match.

Pic: Manchester, Chetham’s Library (source).

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Grandpa gets a surprise bulldog puppy for his birthday, something he’s always wanted.

It’s pure happiness for both of them

I’m fucking sobbing.

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Luke finally snaps

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In Islam, Satan is identified as the single angel who, setting himself apart from all other angelic beings, refused God’s command to bow down before Adam on the day of his creation. When questioned by the Creator as to why he disobeyed, the Devil answered that he bowed down solely to the Divine, not to any of the created. Unrepentant, he also argued that God’s will determines all things, so it would not have been possible for him to refuse God’s command unless God himself had allowed him to do so.

For this, he was banished from Heaven and was taken away from the presence of God. No more does the eye of God enlighten him; no more will the touch of God give him joy.

But in spite of this punishment, he has never lost his love for God.

He alone, of all beings in the cosmos, loves God without gain, without hope, without even the possibility of feeling loved in return. Thus, seen objectively, this unrequited love is the most pure of any. The Devil serves without reward.

Even while bearing the burden of eternal separation, the Devil has taken on the thankless and usually misunderstood task of creating obstacles for human beings. What few realize is that, through rising above these obstacles, we are able to rise where he cannot go, stepping over him in our ascent toward our own higher natures. The Devil toughens us, forces us to remain awake, an offers lessons as no other angel can. Would we ever have learned to walk if our parents had continued to carry us everywhere? Our troubles and temptations, even if truly given to us by the Devil, are still ultimately gifts of God.

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I think the biggest problem I have with my art is that I try too hard to emulate official styles instead of focusing on really developing a style of my own

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i always liked Megaman.EXE
I should really get into watching the full Anime subbed

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Did you know that there was a successful peaceful revolution in Iceland? It’s true. But you wouldn’t know from watching TV.

In 2008, the people of Iceland forced their prime minister and his whole government to resign. Next, they nationalized the banks & opted not to pay back the fake debt created by foreign bankers. Next, they created a public assembly to rewrite their constitution. And all of this in a peaceful way.

The people of Iceland have proven to the world that there is a way to dismantle the system while preserving peace & democracy.

Learn more:

I have maintained since roughly 2010 that Iceland is the fucking best

oh my….god….i didnt even know

"The 2009–2011 Icelandic financial crisis protests, also referred to as the Kitchenware / Kitchen Implement Revolution”

The Kitchenware Revolution

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