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Some things never change…

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Does Zuko ever say to his grandson “When I was your age, I had that same exact voice”

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the avatar shows are FUCKED UP because one day you’re twelve and your childhood cartoon crush is 16 and that’s cool and maybe you still have a crush on him, but now you’re 20 and in the new show he’s 80      everything is a joke

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it’s funny how people claim that a western series with no white characters won’t succeed but like look at fucking avatar: the last airbender like there literally was not a single white character throughout the entirety of that series, and it is one of the most successful shows nickelodeon has produced like that’s a pretty big middle finger to your argument right there


"You have indeed felt a great loss, but love is a form of energy and swirls all around us. The Air Nomads’ love for you has not left this world. It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn as new love."

Let the pain flow away.
Very good.
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remember when azula shot aang while he was in the avatar state and stopped his heart but since raava was active she also killed her, ending the avatar cycle, and then katara revived the avatar and the avatar spirit (:

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the themes of balance and gritty style overlap with both atla and lok completely and they’re both important because they both do SO many things no other american children’s cartoons are doing, and tons of things most american TV period isn’t doing, whether it comes to greater representation or just fundamental integrity and care in storytelling.

it’s the reason we always come back for more, the reason we all get so passionate and angry and meta when it comes to these shows. and honestly, yeah, we all get fed up with the fandom…but it’s really just an occupational hazard of having television this damn good to discuss.

and i wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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This is why twitter is awesome. I get to geek out about Zuko with one of my favorite authors. :D

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I like Korra’s muscles. They’re realistic. Korra should have muscles. She’s been training since she could walk. She’s been physically active all her life. But, not once can I recall seeing her weight train. She uses bending for heavy lifting, as one would expect. He training is calisthenics and kata forms. So she wouldn’t be bulked up. She hasn’t added absurd amounts of muscle over the years, like a body builder, but has taken what she naturally has, refined it, and toned it.

I think that’s incredibly attractive. And I think it’s great attention to detail on the creators’ part.

Another thing I love about Avatar girls…with the exception of the more voluptuous Ty Lee maybe, they tend to be realistically proportioned. Korra’s got boobs, but they aren’t like the size of her freaking head! Women that do athletic training like she does wouldn’t develop breasts like that. A fact that’s lost on so many American comic book creators and animators.

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